Help with 1999 Coog team under Kim Helton

New here. First time poster.

Looking for a little help. Does anyone know the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators for Kim Helton on the 1999 team?

Thanks in advance.

Bradley Dale Peveto was the co-DC in 1999. He is at aTm now after jumping all over the place.

Neil Callaway was Helton’s original OC until 1996.
I know who replaced the 1999 guys. Clancy Barone was the OC and Mark Stoops was the DC under Dimel in 2000.

After a search, these are the only ones I can find -

George Yarno was AHC and Oline
Clay Helton was RBs
Chad O’Shea was TEs and ST Coordinator

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Very much appreciated!

Wasn’t Dick Bumpas a DC under Helton as well?


OC was Les Koenning Jr
DC was Dick Bumpas

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Woah! Ketric Sanford… Orlando Iglesias. Those are some blasts from the past.


Yep…I remember thinking Sanford was the next Eric Metcalf. Didn’t turn out that way, but he was a fun dude to watch.