Helton or Holgie

There’s an old saying in Tennessee. I know it’s in Texas. Probably in Tennessee.

"Fool me once . . . shame on . . . shame on you?

You fool me, you can’t get fooled again!"


How about neither?

i’m sure plenty would say neither but the idea was to guage the two vs each other….seems that, according to the feelings here….on coogfans despite his failings we don’t have the worst coach…the helton name is more reviled ….

Kim, Clay or Tyson?


clay….the just fired helton

They are all Heltons


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In Helton’s first 3 years he went 1-9-1, 1-10, and 2-9; but you want him over Holgorsen because in CDH’s first 2 years, he went 4-8 and 3-5. That sounds illogical to me. Maybe we should see how we do in CDH’s 3rd and 4th years.

BTW, in that CUSA championship year, we were 7-5 with only one win against a team with a winning record. Our wins were against:
Sam Houston State (4-7)
Pitt (4-7)
ULL (5-6)
Memphis (4-7)
Tulane (2-9)
So. Miss (8-3) we won 56-49 in OT – a thrilling game
Louisville (5-6)

In Helton’s other winning season (1999) we were 7-4 (3-3 in CUSA) and did not win a game against a team with a winning record.

No, you can have Helton, I will stick with Holgorsen between those 2. Actually I will stick with CDH for this and probably next year as well. By then he should have a reasonable body of work to make a rational decision.

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I think TylerPerry was talking about Clay Helton, not Kim Helton.

I’d guess these days you can’t pry the fishing pole out of Kim Helton’s hands.

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His wins weren’t great in 1996 but the schedule was tough and he beat Southern Miss and should have won at LSU.

No, I am pretty sure he was referring to Kim because, of the Heltons, only Kim coached at UH and played LSU. His reply cinched he was talking about Kim.

Yep you’re right it seems he’s going with Kim.

I still say give me the mystery box behind door number 3.

No he clarified that he meant clay not kim.

Look at his post four posts above. Clay never coached at UH.

I know but he clarified if we would prefer Clay or Dana.

Clay should go to the NFL, the boring play fits his style. Wish him well

I was perusing the Media Guide earlier today, and learned that with his next win, Dana Holgerson will become the 13th winningest Head Coach in UH football history.

He will also win sole possession of “winningest Dana” in UH history.

And will have the 2nd most wins of any UH coach with a girl’s name. (Both Dana’s are currently 16 wins behind Kim).

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