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Sources: Houston evaluating replacing Major Applewhite, considering Dana Hoglorsen

— FootballScoop Staff (@FootballScoop) December 29, 2018

I know they’ve thrown around Holgersens name before but I just don’t see his motivation in leaving wvu. Seems in the past it was more posturing on his part to get a better contract

Yeah… i’ll believe it when i see it. Its just been complete radio silence for so long it was nice to see someone with sources come out with something.


Next year is looking rough for them and he will only have 2 years left on his contract after 2019. He’s asking for an extension and isn’t getting one. He also has a low buyout. This may be closer to a Tubberville situation than we originally thought.


But is Dana considering UH? I wouldn’t if I were him. What’s he have to gain?

DH still has a lot of close friends and a house in Houston. Could actually see it happening this time around.

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This article feels like “mud on the wall” speculation – as in “let’s throw it and see what sticks.”

$2.1mm net buyout + over $3mm a year to Dana – and that doesn’t include assistant coaches – seems way expensive.

[edited to clarify buyout: Dana $1mm + Major $1.95mm - Kendall $0.85mm = $2.1 mm net]

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Eersports is talking about it, and they’re mostly fine with it. Sounds like they’re kinda tired of not getting over the Oklahoma hurdle, think he would be better able to recruit here and he has fond memories of us like we do of him. They figure he won’t be renewed after 2020 anyway so this may be the most agreeable way out for all parties.

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OK, so you think he is ready to give up on playing for a national championship?

His buyout is only 1 million as of Jan 1

He’s not worth the $$$. Hope it’s just spec.

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I’d prefer a defensive minded HC but he’d be a massive improvement over The Punter.


Specs would think he is worth the $$$$


He has bad hair too!


The rumor started Monday. Started getting calls about it. So far, I would keep it in the speculation category. There are several reasons why it is plausible. I’ll just say at the Bear Bryant last year Dana gave a talk that was more about how great Houston is. I texted him and said after he quits coaching I would get him a gig with the Greater Houston Partnership.

Yes, I think Dana in Houston would be wonderful


I wondered about what-ifs last night when they were losing

If he wants it, the job is basically his.


I think he ready to give up Morgantown and the stupid Big 12 is rigged.

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Morgantown vs. Houston?

Keep in mind, Dana marches to the beat of a different drummer