Herman: AAC needs 'home run' TV deal

Forget about a Big 12 expansion, which may or may not even happen. The bigger financial fate for American Athletic Conference schools rests in the league’s next TV contract.


I heat ya, but who will offer us more money…??! Espn is having cutbacks…

Depends on if ESPN gets any part of the B1G contract. If not, they’ll be hurting for inventory and may be willing to use some of that money to lock up the AAC. Either that or we can hope that NBC/Turner continue to push into the CFB world and offer a better contract.

Unfortunately for the conference, a lot will depend on keeping the current schools together which will probably factor into any offers. I doubt any network will want to pay a lot of money and watch a number of teams get poached.

Maybe GoR.

Yepp I believe the AAC chances of finding a lucrative $$TV$$ deal … as being slim to none …

And Slim left town several months ago.

42% of the current members have ichy feet and want OUT.

Aresco may find us some loose change amounting to another mil or two but his effectiveness as commish is sorely lacking … but we can’t fault him for his enthusiasm or energy … the AAC wound up with some strong teams last year some in the top 25 but lil to show for it from our so-called promising the moon commish.

THE ONLY MAJOR CHANGE that will affect the AAC becoming more stable is an 8 team college playoff.

Otherwise no home runs … and just a lot of foul balls … strike outs … pop ups … ground outs … and ONE RARE/OCCASIONAL Texas leaguer … in the AAC future.


Not to mention the prospect of the AAC possibly losing schools due to expansion. I wouldn’t expect a deal until ESPN knows which schools will be where…

Heck of a quote from CTH…

“We’re the highest paid assistant coaching staff in any non power five team and my plan is for it to stay that way because I don’t care about my salary. I care about keeping really good coaches and in my opinion we’ve got the best assistant coaching staff in the country regardless of conference,” Herman said. “We lost one guy and that was our wide receivers coach who went to the Big Ten to become an offensive coordinator, other than that, nobody took a lateral job.”

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