Herman: AAC Needs Homerun TV Deal

Houston coach Tom Herman says AAC needs ‘home run’ TV deal

"“Obviously, the gap is not in our playing ability and we showed that last year with the monumental wins that a bunch of different teams had in our conference over quote on quote power five schools. But the gap is going to continue to widen from a facility standpoint which then widens your gap in recruiting which then widens your gap in level of play and so we’re in a really good place right now in terms of level of play.”

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In a way this article is encouraging due to the fact that he sounds as if he is talking long term about Houston. It also sounds like he has caught wind of news stating that B12 expansion isn’t going to happen this offseason.

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He also sounds like a guy who gets a $5M bonus if/when Houston gets a TV deal that pays it $20M+.

It looks like Herman isn’t only a great coach, but also understands the business end of college football.

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