Herman lies and evades again

Wow! All positive responses from the players, huh?!? He deserves national criticism.


For someone who places such an emphasis on honesty and not lying, he’s told quite a few bald-faced, easily-disproved lies in the past week or so.

I listened to his Mike & Mike interview where he was very adamant that he never told a lie throughout the process, when there was clearly some back-channel communication going on. Maybe we should have been skeptical of someone who acted like they were the authority on morals and integrity.

I thought it was funny that he acted like wasn’t taking the majority of his Houston staff with him, when it had been reported hours earlier that several position coaches were on a flight with him to Austin. He conducted some bogus “interviews” with Charlie Strong’s staff as if he didn’t already have it all lined up.

I also heard through the grapevine that he had a private jet bound for Austin waiting for him after UH landed from Memphis. This would have been before Strong was officially fired. It seems that UT officials were willing to admit that, saying they met with Herman throughout Friday night, yet he somehow is still denying how this all went down. I also heard that not only did Herman not return to campus with the team, but the only coach who rode the bus with the players back was Major Applewhite. Make of all that what you will.

Eventually, I’ll stop posting about it and talking about it with my loved ones and fellow Coog fans. But this sequence of events still has me a little peeved. When CTH says not to believe anything that you read, that is especially true when it is referring to him. Maybe he hadn’t made deceit a habit before, but he made a number of recent lies. Just own it, man.


“Every single report that was floating out at that time was inaccurate,” Herman told Patrick. “I was not lying. I feel very comfortable saying that.”

If you have to follow “I was not lying” with “I feel very comfortable saying that,” you are 100% playing semantics with your words. If you’re not lying, you shouldn’t feel the need to get comfortable with that fact. What a snake!


I wanted to believe our former coach until proven otherwise, but I have a booster friend who never liked him as a person and it was because our last HC lied straight to his face before he had ever coached a game here. I still gave our former coach the benefit of the doubt since I didn’t know if there were any specific circumstances.
He has shown his true colors. He is a lier.

Sweet Jesus I’m sick of him and the whole deal. I put my faith in him, defended him when people expressed doubts and he crapped all over me. I can’t wait until we hire someone so we can all focus on moving forward. Hope we kick LSU in the rear tonite. that’ll help me immensely!


He has truly found the right place. Match made in heaven/hell.

Hope they enjoy their time together, for a while.


I never thought I would say this, but I’m starting to feel really bad about defending him so vehemently during his spat with John Lopez and Nick Wright. Based on what I’ve seen the past few days, I can’t be sure he wasn’t lying about the whole Kyle Allen thing. But regardless, I defended him at the time because I had no reason to think he was a liar. That has all changed now.


Don’t feel bad about that. Lopez and Wright were shooting from the hip and never followed the team. Herman might not have been in the right or honest in that interview, but it was lazy journalism either way.


He claims he is good with the players and team in Houston?! Not quite the vibe you get from reading their responses. Just one more lie to add to the huge pile of heaping dung coming out of that guy’s mouth.

I hope those boosters are comfortable with a guy that has gone 1-4 in his last 5 conference road games with losses at SMU and UConn and the only win being against a 4 win Cincy team. Have fun with that!


Sorry for the rant. This is usually such a civil place. Here’s a basket of kittens.


Hadn’t thought about that. Good point.

So I was out of the office yesterday for jury duty, but OMgah today! Everyone except the UT alum asked me about it. Me: I don’t have much to say about ppl with low character. Talk to me about the players.

I’ll admit i did vent a little. :wink:

As much as you might wish for that it reflects the degree of betrayal felt by many of our fans. It’s not that he left UH but how he left.

Moreover there is now an awareness that this behavior isn’t restricted to recent events. It’s now clear that it started the day he hit town, telling us how happy he was to be here. At the very same time his agent was actively shopping him. This came to a head quickly with the South Carolina fiasco. And that worked, leading to a fat pay raise.

So, it’s going to take time for people to put this behind them. Picking a new coach will speed this along.