He's Right. It's time


I agree , they need to decriminalize small amounts bc it isn’t any worse than alcohol in fact it less harmful. Just go after the big fish who are dealing not the users.

I’m more liberal than that, I’m pretty much at this point for complete legalization of all drugs for adults. By ending the war on Drugs here we can help end it in Mexico which will alleviate the violence there. Turn the cartels into corporations I mean if you take away the motive for violence they currently have then they are just the Sacklers, or Big Alcohol and Tobacco.


To hell with decriminalization… It needs to be legalization… I mean we all believe in liberty here… Right?


That sure worked out for California. And every big city for that matter.

I think it’s brilliant! He gets to deduct his marijuana buy as a campaign expense.


I am ok with legalization of pot in Texas. Just treat it like a DWI if someone can’t drive but at least they will be driving slower like Chetch and Chong. Lol


AOC….is that you

Oh stop you big flirt. Of course you can buy me dinner you just have to ask.

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Yep, I’m for legalization of thc as well. I’ve no interest in using it recreationally and never have, but in the past small doses of thc have been better at anti-inflammation and pain relief than Tylenol.


Personally I don’t need or use it. See nothing wrong for others to do so. Look at the history on how it became a schedule one drug, very interesting and downright sinister. Happened under the Nixon admin. Got people in jail till this day serving insane sentences like 99 yrs in prison


Victimless crimes need to be filtered out of the justice system… Oh, we’re in debt… Tax this multi-billion dollar industry.


They’ll always be violent. The motive is not money it’s power. Making it legal will only help their pockets and political control, not the territorial control.

As it turns out, you can buy “hemp-derived” Delta 9 THC legally in Texas, and have it shipped to your front door. These CBD/THC retailers started selling Delta 8 THC through what they thought was a legal loophole, but Texas later moved to close it. As of now, a judge has ruled against Texas and so Delta 8 is legal for the time being. However, that legal battle moved the retailers to realize another angle – hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, which is completely legal and meets the specific criteria of the Federal Farm Bill that legalized the sale of domestically grown hemp products across the country.

So – marijuana is illegal, hemp and its derivatives are legal. :slight_smile:


Delta-9 THC derived from hemp at a concentration of 0.3% or lower by dry weight is legal on a federal level and in all 50 states. When derived from marijuana or any concentration above 0.3% on a dry weight basis, it is considered a controlled substance by the federal government and many states. Please note that this is the general status of Delta-9 legality as of the writing of this article.

Decriminalize and legalize the whole black market for drugs. And not to just tax it. If people want to grow it, make it or use it, let them. Keep DUI’s on the books. I don’t think there are a lot of folks that aren’t doing meth or heroin because the law says they can’t and will just run to it if it is legalized. Take away all those taxes that pour into the forever war on drugs. Let cartels go legit. We aren’t going to win this one. People like to get high, let them.

Or stop pretending that alcohol is ok and doesn’t kill and ruin just as many lives and go full ban on everything. Just because one doesn’t have the stigma and the lobbyists behind them shouldn’t make one okay and everything else bad.

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I agree with Kyle on victimless crimes. If the person gets behind the wheel of a car, treat it like a DWI.

But look what’s happening in California. The people that buy drugs are bypassing dispensaries, because just like running any legitimate business, it costs money, which they pass along to their product prices. Not to mention the tax. So the buyers just buy from the regular dealers which don’t pay any taxes or run legit business and the cost to do so.

Way back the feds etc viewed weed as a black / minority issue so they cracked down on it and alcohol was considered mainstream. This is what caused the locking up of so many then they can’t get jobs etc.

If my neighbor grows tomatoes in his back yard and I buy them for cash, good for him. Why should he have to put up crazy money to then pay taxes on something he made at home? Especially if he has a better product that the store?