Hex Head Art

this is awesome! They make the UH or cougar out of steel!


Welcome CoogBoog! Any new predictions from your psychic?

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Those are very cool, but I didn’t see UH listed. Am I missing it?

I don’t see them.

Thanks for this link. I may have to get a UGA one for the wife. Like the others I tried and failed to find the UH one. Do you have a direct link to the product?

No UH one…

I thought this was another thread about Briles/Baylor

I apologize bc the UH one is not shown but could be made!

we are all seeing it unfold as we speak. The Big 12 is not a good idea for this University although it seems like the most populous choice. However, the attention the University has been receiving is much more powerful. We will be first in line soon. Very soon.

CoogBong has been singing that ole song for over seven years now or the needle is stuck on that ole LP record …

During that time NOT ONE PEEP from the ACC that they are in least bit interested in Cullen Blvd.

EEU has his alleged contacts in the SEC and CB has his ACC voodoo conjurer and aldine his undying belief in the Pac12

At this point in time if the Big12 doesn’t come through … most of us would be willing to accept a post card from Howdy Doody and Clarabell that we are seriously being consider by SOMEONE WITH ACTUAL P5 credentials.

Meanwhile …

I suggest that CB fire his voodoo witch doctor and get a new one or windex that broken down crystal ball and/or chicken bones they have been playing with.

In CoogBoog we trust!

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