Hey errrbody? How about a trip to the PAC-12

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Hmmmm…the plot thickens.

Good. Because buck the big 12.

There is no question that the PAC 12 has many advantages, not the least of which we don’t have to keep hearing the garbage for B12 fans about UH. Outside this state UH has a ton of respect. Second we don’t have to keep looking over our shoulder to divine UT’s reaction to every little thing, including winning. Plus, I have family on the West Coast that I really like. It would be fun staying with them and taking them to games.

Being in the Pac-12 would be great, but truthfully, there’s nothing in any of the reporting that suggests that the Pac-12 is interested.

Meeting with the Pac-12 does not necessarily equate to interest from the conference.

I’m curious if there were any unreported meetings…maybe involving Khator and/or Fertitta or others. The timing of this meeting is somewhat suspicious.

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