Hey Pez. where are these interviews?

I see a bunch of good press for Ed but I think UH athletics needs to enlist thier own and strategically get some in depth interviews as the year goes on to hype him for the hiesman and hype the program…I want to see personal interviews by Andre Ware discussing the hiesman with Ed on espn college gameday and a more in depth story about Ed in general with Jim Nantz, Uh should be able to make these happen.

We’ve got to play some games & see some big time results before the big time hype machine can crank it up!

Quite possible they already have such things and they will come out. Dominating the news in August wont win anybody a Heisman. It will be about consistent press and a huge build up around voting time. of course big Ed has to take care of business too, lol.

We have an Oreo and Ed Oliver bobble head. I imagine there are more things to come.

I feel like I read an article almost daily on Ed Oliver. I don’t see much on Bryce Love and some think he may win the Heisman. I may be biased, but the buzz seems similar to Johnny Football when he had his Heisman campaign. Great publicity for Ed and the school.


I will be shocked if we don’t O.D. on Ed vs Tate during Arizona Game week. Which starts in two days!

Ware is a pbp guy. i’m not sure he’d being doing an interview and he’s employed by ESPN, not UH.
Nantz is sort of busy with the NFL.

Maybe they’d do it for a UH website but the AD can’t just call networks and ask them to pay to travel crews down here. UH has a good video program so the kids could do it.

Gameday will be in College Station next week from the sound of things. Might see something about Big Ed then.