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OK, so who are they?

Who is the guy in the red jacket? Saw him on the east end concourse before the game and got a kick out of those boots. :joy::joy:

John Jenkins and Art Briles. Don’t know who the man on the right is or the kid.


Great boots for a long time


I like JJ’s camera. I wonder if he posted the pix online. So we had three former head coaches in the house today. Nice.


Great pic! Thanks for posting.

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Seriously? That’s Art Briles. Is there no shame? I mean he has the nerve not only to come back on campus for a game (yes I know he was at practice recently), but flash the Coog sign? I wanna vomit more than just a little bit in my mouth. … and so he’ll be here lookin’ like a weirdo in UH gear when CKB is at Texas Tech what have you … come on man. Typically, when someone poo-poos on someone or something, they at least have the decorum and self-awareness not to show back up like oh weez all good buddies…FUAB

What is Art wearing?

How dare him support his son.


Art’s wearing the ‘I got a $15 million settlement from Baylor to not say anything about their Board of Regents’ could care less about public opinion shorts.

Edit: And matching hat.


He can support his son any damn where in the USA, but don’t come back to the place he did not support to say the least. Instead of sticking it out a bit longer and enduring some hard times (ya know like errrrr… UH? … you know like the values of sacrifice that coaches put on their players) but ultimately “get paid”, he got the hell out a Dodge first chance after UH pulled him up out of relative obscurity as Tortilla Tech’s RB coach. Thanks for your smart *** response.


Go sit in the top deck with sunglasses on and any clothing in the world, except any with UH emblazoned on it.

I’m… luke warm on all this.


I dont think he was trying to attract attention. Likely someone asked if he would pose for a pic. If he said no, we’d probably see a post about how he was an a hole because he wouldn’t allow it


I have no problem with Art except a little with the way he left. I believe personally he was being made the scapegoat. He reported I know of at least of the one occasion when it was reported to him by one of the woman to the people he was suppose to that was in one report. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I’m sure he looks back and he should have done this or that. Man people sure do like to stand on that hill and point.
Something has been wrong with that school from way back. You know " the murder" that happened. That whole town is polluted and rotten. Having the town’s Police Force “Protecting the School” since way back. Like many others I haven’t understood why the Rangers haven’t got involved.
He’s here supporting his son. He played here 3 yrs till his parents were killed on their way to watch him play against SMU in Dallas, coached here and saved our football bacon. If it wasn’t for him this board more than likely would have about 10 members as we play in Div.lll.
Man I wish I would have seen Coach Jenkins. I bet he loves the Briles Offense. I bet he was grilling Art with pictures on napkins. Great pic and glad you posted it.


I don’t like the way he left. Don’t think he had a tight enough reign on the culture at Baylor. But I’m not going to complain about a man supporting his son. Don’t care who the man is



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Glad to see CAB was in attendance and got to watch his boy dominate!


Is the guy on the right the grown up, cleaned up hubcap guy?