Higher high or Lower Low

Is losing to Rice a lower low or is beating UT a higher high.



Beating UT would be a “higher high”.

While losing to Rice was a low spot, the game last year was pretty close and hinged on a controversial pass interference no-call that prevented Rice from scoring late in the game.


That is a question? Okay Mr. MC, I will play.

UT x 1,000.

Let’s just shock the freaking world. Laser focus. Tune everything out. Drink the juice. LFG!

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I’ll quickly forget the Rice game if we beat UT.


I’ve seen us lose to Rice quite a few times, I’ve never seen he beat UT.

Beating Texas would be higher high for sure. But my pain for the game is start off depressed, that way anything good will come as a pleasant surprise.

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Just win, baby

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We only play UT when we have a bad coach. They won’t play us otherwise.

depends on the order…

The fact we lost to Rice makes beating UT seem pretty far fetched. I’m not one for moral victories, but if we keep this game within 17 points it won’t be too bad. One more year of Holgorsen and the Cougars will be ready for the transition to FCS.

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