Highlights Week: Grant Stuard - Heart and Soul of the Houston Defense

we lost some players but we have a ton coming back…time to start looking forward to some of our returning players…
1st up is grant stuard…will put out about 5 others throughout the next 2week-ish

Stuard could be a truly special player his senior year especially with improvements to parts of his game. his heart and effort is undeniable


I’m a huge Grant Stuard fan!


I liked him against the run, against the pass not so much. After hearing he played the season injured, I am expecting his pass coverage to improve next season.


Do we expect any change because his postion coach moved on

BTW, Grant was only a 2 star recruit; but he is a top notch player.


I wasn’t aware of the rating but do remember his high school footage. Great motor and drive to the ball. He was able to get by on his over-committing in high school but has had to learn self discipline for college. I’d say he s coming along nicely.

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I like his effort. But seems like backup in terms of talent. Especially against the pass.

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