Our old ball coach Dana Dimel is 0-6 at UTEP. Has there ever been a head coach to lead 2 different teams to a winless season? This has to be historic.

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Poor Dana. I’m pretty sure Urban Meyer would be 0-6 with that roster.

Was really surprised to see that they almost beat UNT.

They’ve had a lot of “almost” moments this year.
The folks in El Paso are actually “pleased” with the “improvements.”
It is entirely possible they go winless still, not however likely considering.
That would have to batter your psyche.

I wonder if he is red shirting his kids like he tried here. He at least left Briles some talent to work with.

Nick Eddy have any eligibility left?

I liked Dimel but he was in over his head here.

As he is, apparently, at UTEP. He should probably find other work!

Playing catch-up and saw this one:

Coaches to have gone winless more than once since 1950:

  • George O’Leary: UCF (2004) and UCF (2015) - O’Leary retired after going 0-5 in 2015
  • Carl Franks: Duke (2000) and Duke (2001)
  • Stan Parrish: Kansas St (1987) and Kansas St (1988) - Bill Snyder was hired following the '88 season
  • Rick Venturi: Northwestern (1978) and Northwestern (1980)
  • Ed Chlebek: Boston College (1978) and Kent State (1982)
  • Doug Weaver: Kansas St (1962), Kansas St (1965) and Kansas St (1966)
  • Howard McChesney: Hardin Simmons (1960) and Hardin Simmons (1961)
  • Johnny Druze: Marquette (1956) and Marquette (1957)
  • Steve Sebo: Penn (1954) and Penn (1955)
  • Robert McNeish: Virginia Tech (1948) and Virginia Tech (1950)

So, if Dimel loses out, he’d be only the 2nd coach in CFB history to go winless at two different schools, joining Ed Chlebek who did it at Boston College in 1978 and Kent State in 1982. He’d also have the longest period between winless seasons by a coach that had multiple winless seasons; George O’Leary currently holds that title with 11 years between his two winless seasons.

And something I didn’t know, Kansas State has had 7 winless seasons in their history; most by any program. Northwestern comes in 2nd with 5.

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UTEP plays Rice on November 3. I’d almost think they’d be favored to win.

Not if Rice play them like they played us…

Rice has scored exactly 3 points in the last two games. Combined.

They played Hawaii reasonably close the week after our game, but have been uncompetitive ever since.

the curse of Kansas State. 7 winless seasons and their most accomplished OC is about to do it the second time.

Sometimes it pays to turn down a coaching job. Hopefully he’ll win one game to prevent his second 0-11 season.

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The good news is that UTEP plays Rice in 4 weeks.