Looks like we are close to starting a club hockey team? Anyone know anything about club teams?


Game vs East Texas Baptist University on 09-08-2023 - University of Houston Club Hockey - University of Houston Hockey - Men’s Ice Hockey Team (

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Schedule - University of Houston Hockey (
Remaining schedule(?) posted. Two down, 23 to go.

Big hockey fan so this is fantastic. Is their anyway to watch these games online? Or maybe at least some highlights? I know just started back up so maybe not yet, but would be cool if so as no telling when I can come all the way to Houston from NC to watch them.

Ouch! 20-1 & 27-0 losses to Baylor. Not much better results versus Texas State. Maybe we should have started out at D3.
Texas Tech & la st are D3. Hopefully we can compete with them.
East Texas Baptist has D2 & D3 teams. Which one did we play?