Looks like we are close to starting a club hockey team? Anyone know anything about club teams?


Game vs East Texas Baptist University on 09-08-2023 - University of Houston Club Hockey - University of Houston Hockey - Men’s Ice Hockey Team (

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Schedule - University of Houston Hockey (
Remaining schedule(?) posted. Two down, 23 to go.

Big hockey fan so this is fantastic. Is their anyway to watch these games online? Or maybe at least some highlights? I know just started back up so maybe not yet, but would be cool if so as no telling when I can come all the way to Houston from NC to watch them.

Ouch! 20-1 & 27-0 losses to Baylor. Not much better results versus Texas State. Maybe we should have started out at D3.
Texas Tech & la st are D3. Hopefully we can compete with them.
East Texas Baptist has D2 & D3 teams. Which one did we play?

I read today in the Houston Chronicle that part of the improvements to Toyota Center is making it hockey ready if, and when, the NHL comes calling.

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I’d hate to see what they’d call the team. Probably the “Settlers” or the “Taxpayers.”

I have thought about going to a game since I don’t live very far from where they play. Has anyone been to a game yet ?

It appears Salt Lake City is really pushing for an NHL team. I have a buddy who lives in the Phoenix area and is a Coyotes season ticket holder. He is saying that a lot of rumors are flying around their team that they are headed elsewhere next season.

Houston can’t be the Oilers but what about the Refiners with crude oil stains all over the jersey? Is the NHL ready for that?

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Aeros or Apollos.

Keep the space theme, plus the name of historical Houston pro hockey teams.

Aeros = Gordie Howe and sons!!!

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The Houston Crude


The Houston Gemini

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Gotta be the Aeros


Well crap!! Arizona is moving to Salt Lake City.