HOF inductees to be announced tonight

Hope Billy Wagner makes it!


He sure deserves to be elected.

I think he is in.

Most of the predictions on BW show it could be a five swing in either direction. Going to be close. If he were an East coast player, he would have been in at least 3-5 years ago.


I recall reading that if he doesn’t make it, then next season would be his last year of eligibility with the sportswriters.

I hope that the Veteran’s Committee will vote him in if they don’t.


Correct, one more year if he doesn’t make it this time.

Wagner 5 votes short.



He will very likely make it next year. It’s rare that players that are close don’t get a bump from year 9 to 10.

The only thing that could cost him would be doing what Curt Schilling did.

Or the simple fact that he is an Astro. East coast pricks.


Come on…he also played for the Mets, Phillies and Red Sox.

I think he also was visible in the north east.

Plus, he is from Virginia!

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They probably just need someone for next year’s ballot

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so one of the media outlets in his home town team voted against him?

Biggio and Bagwell played their ENTIRE career in Houston and they both got in

Both several years before the cheating scandal.

Which media outlet?

… interesting that all 11 nyp writers voted for beltran.
Mets’ Carlos Beltran reportedly played key role in Astros’ sign-stealing (nypost.com)
I wonder if they’ll be as forgiving when Altuve is on the ballot.