Holgerson Football too painful to watch!

For the second week in a row, we come out dazzed and confused. Penalties and miscues. Look totally unprepared. The defense is certainly better than the offense, which is pathetic.

Had to turn it off.


Youre not allowed to say ANYTHING bad ab ok ut Holgorsen on Coogfans.


Our offense has looked bad his whole tenure here. Very hard to watch.


How the did I know we had to have 3 seconds to spike the ball and we didn’t???



We believed the hype. Beat a bad Auburn team with a coach that was almost fired after 1 year. Lost to the only good teams we played in Cincinnati and tech. We are just not as good as we thought we were. We bought our own hype. Cannot manage time at the half. Don’t know where our timeouts are. 80 yards of penalties. Just a armed forces bowl kind of team.


We’ve been duped. A 12-win season against a super soft schedule hid the fact Dana can’t coach. Penalties and mistakes are result of an undisciplined team. Our whole season is basically wrecked. What’s best we can do now? Another Birmingham Bowl against a second-rate SEC team that sits half its players? Yay. Can’t wait to win the next 10 games in a row. Bye


No because we play a worse schedule than last year so we’ll have a bogus double digit win season again

Expecting to have big12 talent outside of the big12 sets u up for disappointment.

The first 2 years in big12 may be ugly.

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Cincy had Big 12 talent last season

But we’ve been told we have the talent. We bought it because we have a few.

Our schedule is definitely tougher than last year so we’ll see if we get to double digit wins

Marshall doesn’t have notre dame talent. Marshall’s coach probably knows about the 3 second rule

Where’s the Air Raid offense?

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The special teams coach should be fired. Two weeks in a row the ST unit had penalties negate punt returns for TDs, and a kicker that kicks the ball out of bounds giving the opponent good field position. Holgerson should be livid at himself. Undisciplined team over and over again. Penalties, poor clock management, and sticking with an OC that has never shown a consistent ability to game plan. Ridiculous. The UH secondary is swiss cheese and doesn’t wrap-up. We’ve seen this over and over. Remember the Tulane game and poor tackling? Still hasn’t been corrected. It is painful to watch.

It is? Going into this game, they said this is the last team we play in the top 90 computer rankings. Im sure that will change but it shows how weak the schedule is

Was that TD drive too bland for you?

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You know its a Coogfans tradition to overreact before the game is over.


Well it may not be saying much because last years schedule was super light but basically its the same schedule with two exceptions. Trade an FCS opponent for the UTSA game and trade UConn for Kansas. We’ve also got a tougher road slate this year as you get Tech, SMU, Memphis, and ECU all on the road this year where as we got to play them all in Houston last year.

Its our brand lol