Holgorsen and Recruiting

I took a look at CDH recruiting at WVU. I didn’t use 2012 because those numbers are skewed as most likely were recruited by the previous coach’s philosophy. But, if you are interest on 1 of the 28 recruits who enrolled at WVU from the class of 2012 was a JUCO.

Under Holgorsen’s philosophy, we have JUCO numbers of
2013 - 10 of 38 enrollees or 26%
2014 - 5 of 30 for 17%
2015 - 4 of 29 for 14%
2016 - 5 of 30 for 17%
2017 - 8 of 26 for 31% We should be asking ourselves what happened here.
2018 - 5 of 22 for 23%

Overall CDH at WVU recruited on average 21% from the JUCO ranks. I don’t know if that is high or not. Let’s see what he’s done so far at UH. I didn’t use 2019 class believing it to be skewed but if you want to know we had a very small class of 15 enrollees 6 were JUCOs or 40%.

2020 - 7 of 20 or 35%
2021 (so far) - 3 of 10 for 30%

What does it all mean? Beats me. One possibility is that it speaks to the emptiness of the cupboard. I’m not sure I believe that but I do believe that some, maybe even much, of what was in the cupboard wasn’t to his liking. No matter how much we liked Lark, Chambers and some of the 2019 recruits whom he released from their LOIs, it is his team and he can run it the way he wants, I guess.

For this year, I project that we sign 19 or 20 recruits if we have the scholarships for it. I think we’re looking at a higher % of JUCOs like around 35 - 40%. That would 7-8 JUCOs.

I’m going to do a similar analysis on UC. For the Class of 2021, UC has ZERO JUCOs out of 22 commits, one being an Aussie punter. I am a big believer in growing your own timber and apparently so is Fickell.


Fickell will be on P5 wishlist this Christmas :christmas_tree:, he will be gone this year.


All I’m going to say about Fickell and recruiting is that he’s on track to have the top class in the AAC for the 2nd straight year and his per recruit composite score keeps on getting better. Lastly in 2018-2021 he signed a whopping 1 JUCO.

Fickell and his staff are recruiting machines. We need some of that.


Or maybe he wants Joe Paterno’s record. He’s 47 now and has 32 wins as a head coach. So he needs 378 wins . If coaches as long as Paterno did, until age 87, I think, he could do it with 9.5 wins per season.

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You may get to see a lot of Fickell at Texas in the near future

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yoou counted walk-on and kickers in alot of these… for example you counted 11 walk-ons in 2013…

there is a 25 player limit on incoming players …you cant bring 38, what should also make you note you are counting walk-on is that dana also heavily dabbled in the transfer market… there is no database for transfers but an article i read about dana was that in his last 3 years he brought in 16 transfers …

a few other things, wvu juco numbers are high, likely 3rd after kstate and kansas, probably 2nd for non high school recruits if you are counting transfers

juco recruiting hasn’t even started yet, their season start in the spring … looking at anyones amount of juco at this point is fruitless and would have little meaning

and specifically avoid judging us against fickell, fickell is likely the second best g5 recruiting head coach ever after herman (not counting the teams that take non-qualifiers)…it is likely no coincidence they were OC and DC of the same team under urban meyers…there is likely some methodology to it…he rarely touches juco and though they have transfers they dont take as many as the rest of us…i wouldnt judge ourselves against them…they arent just taking high school recruit they are beating out p5 for high level recruits …we can “wish” for that all we want, high level recruits arent just going to come here becuase us fans want it (its not like dana hasnt been giving those kind of recruits offers, they just arent committing here)

the rest of the g5 that are good take in heavy amounts of transfer and juco…dana has heavily relied on juco and transfers his whole career…no clue why you guys are thinking some magical change will happen
edit: i also recounted some of the years, you missed a few juco in some years

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Isn't about 45% of SMU roster transfers? Different things work for different schools. We think we should be playing to AAC championships so how many of our starters would start for UC, UCF, or UM. I can only come up with maybe 4. During the game the announcers mention one thing that has greatly helped UC's recruiting was Ohio state going nation in recruiting the last five years instead of staying mainly in Ohio. UC saw an opportunity and took advantage by going after the players Ohio State did not go after in Ohio.
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Sorry, may bad. Just ignore the thread then.

One thing I don’t understand is why there was so much emphasis on JUCOs the first two years. If that is going to be a big part of the plan, then you have to win or the holes in roster are just patched and not fixed. I woulda rather seen us bring in 25 HS recruits the first two years, play em, and develop them.


There is so much emphasis on JUCO’s because of the over all dearth of talent left by the previous four years. On HC looking to leave, the other, incompetant.


If we had brought in 25 HS players the first two years and played them, we would be 0-12 for a couple of years and this board would absolutely explode! That’s never going to happen. The “must win now” folks’ interests have to be balanced with the “build the program” folks’ interests.

And with UH being a non-P5 program recruiting against 20+ P5 programs which proactively recruit the Houston area, we’re just not going to be able to sign most of the top talent in Houston. We are always going to have to rely on building the UH FB program with a balanced approach including some HS players, some P5 transfers and some JUCO players. That’s our reality!


I guess my point is that I’d take 0-12 or 3-9 the first two years if it means we have the team where we want it in year three. The half and half approach has produced frustratingly mediocre results.


But would you and other UH fans & our administration accept a 0-12 and 1-11 record while continually losing by such scores as 70-3, 63-7, 84-10 and 56-0? Especially in light of potential conference realignment in the not too distant future?

I would say there’s absolutely NO WAY that would be acceptable to anyone and losing like that would also seriously damage our on-going recruiting efforts. [NOTE: Some of us recall the Dana Dimel era.]


It is easy to post that on a message board but WoodMark is dead on. There is a 100% percent chance 98% of alumni would lose their minds and you think the haters are bad now?


and if you can get a talented JUCO or transfer with three years to play, that isn’t a bad deal



Every WVU fan when they see a UH player hit the transfer portal:
“Dana’s lost the team”

Using their judgement, I guess Neal lost the WVU locker room.

There is 100% chance that 98% of fans and alumni lose their minds no matter what.

It seems clear that the fans and alumni are not the best people to consult when trying to build a team. And the question is how best to build a team.

I take the point about having to win now because of conference realignment to be valid. It could explain why we’ve tried to walk this middle ground between JUCOs and HS.


These JUCOs and Transfers are sophomores.
|BS2|Hasaan Hypolite|2|SO|S|5’11"|195|3|0.8356|#103 ATH|Holgerson|Transfer - Colorado|
|LOT2|Reuben Unije|2|SO|OL|6-5|305|3|0.8200|#25 OT JUCO|Holgorsen|JUCO|
|SAM2|Jordan Moore|2|SO|S|5’11"|192|4|0.9143|#19 S|Holgerson|Transfer - TAMU|
|WRZ-1|Nathaniel Dell|2|SO|WR|5-11|155|3| 0.8381|#20 WR JUCO|Holgorsen|JUCO|
|Sit Out|Tank Jenkins|2|SO|OL|6-3|350|4|0.9083|#11 OG|Holgorsen|Transfer - Texas A&M|

Why is there such a debate on the football board about the use of JUCOs when the baseball board is boasting the signing of the #1 JUCO recruiting class?