Holy crap, Arizona State routs Michigan

Same team that lost at TSU.

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As Kelvin Sampson says, it’s hard to win on the road in college basketball.


Yes. Harder to win on road in college basketball than pros because of classes, homework, exams, and having to juggle that with flight, strange bed, less sleep, jet lag, along with the usual practices, work outs, and opposing fans.

So does this mean we would beat Michigan by 60

No. It means Arizona State is #2 in the nation.


Seems logical.

Both teams were on the road – it was the Legends Classic in Barclays Center, New York.

Also of note, it was Michigan’s worst loss ever under Juwan Howard.

Guess they still have a shot at a 1 seed being from the big10 :sunglasses:.


The last time I checked the typical advantage for playing at home in CBB is 4 points. It doesn’t sound like much until you think about what that really means - an 8 point total swing between home and away. That’s the difference between a one-score game and a double-digit win. One-score games are a 50/50 proposition on if you end up on the winning side or not.

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Is anyone seeing a change in the B1G love this year? It seemed like at the end of last year’s March Madness some of the media was starting to notice and voice that they get pumped up all year and then always underperform in the tourney. Was thinking that maybe some of them would temper their B1G enthusiasm a bit this year.
I haven’t been watching other games so I don’t know if they have and don’t expect certain ones to change, if they’re B1G alums they have an understandable bias.