Home and car insurance

It’s that time again to shop around. For about the last 20 years, I have bounced back-and-forth between Liberty Mutual and Amica. It seems I can get a good three or four years out of each before they decide to be non-competitive and I go back to the other. I do not mind paying a small premium for good service, which both have provided, but was wondering if there were any companies that I should call on this go-round to save a few bucks.

I shop every few years too. This round ended up with Travelers.

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I’m always amazed that providers ( insurance, internet providers, cell service, etc) offer specials
to new customers and take existing customers for granted. Guess the assumption is we are
too lazy to shop around and signup with new companies. Give me a loyalty discount and stop
the games.


Agree but I’m assuming the model works. Probably not enough people shopping it.

Brian Pool, huge Coog fan and tailgate organizer has handled my insurance for years. Gets better rates than I could. Now handles my moms and daughters as well.



Brian Pool is the right answer

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He’s my agent as well.

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Geico gave a good bundle price to me last March. I’ll shop again next renewal though.

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With Allstate , you can sign up for pay as you go based on Mike’s you drive vs flat rates.

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What if you don’t drive any Mike’s?

That is a consideration, my mileage is way down.

Probably just for residents in New Jersey. Hence Jersey Mike’s. :grin::smile:

Meant they base it on Miles driven vs flat rate

Sorry typo

I also use Brian and been known to tailgate with him.