Homecoming Tulane Photos Five Years Ago Today

3 Photos

Me & Hubcap Guy

Frat Bros Ronnie Rehkopf & Bo Smith & their wives Josanna & Jo Anna

The RV Lot back when we had one


For those who don’t know, hubcap guy is a massive creep. A friend of mine was at a frat party for homecoming this year and hubcap guy gave a couple of sorority girls one of those looks that makes everyone who sees it uncomfortable. One of these numbers, basically.


The girls ran out of there immediately and apparently my buddy talked to a couple of dudes there who all witnessed it, too. All of them agreed that it was extremely uncomfortable, even from a distance.

He’s one of ours so we have to take what we can get. He might have just had a bad day.


+100 for inviting hubcap guy to your frat party.


Hubcap guy needs to calm down before he gets into trouble.

He was not invited. He just showed up.

You’re not gonna convince me that Hubcap showed up at a society soirée uninvited. Utterly contrary to the well-observed character of that gentleman.