Hooters stealing our stuff

Looks like Hooters is stealing Whose House… Should we send UHLC after them? Lol. Maybe we can work out a cross promotion.

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Probably stole it from the Rams, who appropriated it from us.

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Wow, Rams house?!? That is so weak lol. I don’t watch much NFL so had no idea.


It’s incredibly weak. Must have tested good with focus groups. At least the hooters video had a guy with a red and white jersey.


First Jackboys now this! Before you know it an NFL team is gonna steal Sack Avenue.


Is Hooters still a thing :thinking: :astonished:

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I mean the Rams stole Whose House and won a super bowl. Hooters will probably get a Michelin star now


Like famous comedians stealing jokes from lesser known commedians. Outrageous!

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Great marketing from our staff.

That is some funny stuff. Well done.

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Wasn’t Georgia Southern doing this before we were?

I think some of you younger guys need to get up a committee and go to Hooters to get to the bottom of the problem.

Should have trademarked it.

We should invite the hooters girls to our games for free them so they can see the history of where that chant started.

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Learfield will come after the little guy making a t-shirt or cap in support of UH but won’t go after the bigger guys like the Rams, Arizona St or Hooters. Epitome of cowardliness.

A&M shut the Seahawks down when they tried to appropriate the 12th man.


You do know Case Keenum brought it there when he played for them in 2016 in their first season back in LA.

This is where we sampled the 400 Degrees beat for Womp Womp.

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From the waitresses I’ve seen there, it would be a NO . . . . .