Hot Summer?

Because a volcano blew up?,water%20vapour%20into%20the%20stratosphere.

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Interesting…I was wondering about this because usually volcanic eruptions spew loads of ash and not loads of H20.

““Tonga eruption may be the first volcanic eruption observed to impact climate not through surface cooling caused by volcanic sulfate aerosols, but rather through surface warming caused by excess water vapour,” the study noted.”

Pretty sure we had cooling from the Mt St Helen eruption back in the day.

I have a sample of Mt St Helens ash. Gritty

Wasn’t it an underwater eruption? Lots of energy introduced into a large amount of water, forces water into vapor state and into atmosphere, while most ash is probably held down by the adhering water. JMHO.

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I remember, it was all over my car

My dad brought back some ash from business trip back then. Wonder what became of that vial?

Stayed a few days in Horseshoe Bay, TX with the family this week. Visited Longhorn (I know, sorry) Caverns in Burnet. Outside temp was 103. Down in the cavern it was 68…awesome natural AC.

Been to that cavern and Inks Lake/Devils Waterhole many times. One of my favorite places in Texas.

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