Houston 33, Oklahoma 23 — 4 Winners, 4 Losers, #HTownTakeover Edition


Houston 33, Oklahoma 23 — 4 Winners, 4 Losers, #HTownTakeover Edition By Sean Pendergast

By Sean Pendergast

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Mostly great. For the last point about losers: how many twitter mouth breathers do big 12 schools have, and do they get under his skin as badly? What does it say that ours require so much editorial space to address?

Well, I guess he now has me in a box. Reminds me of a quote by a famous psychologist whose lifetime work was being panned by a couple of guys who will hardly be remembered. He said, “They think they have me in a nutshell, but they only have the shell.”

Sean commits the same sin he castigates others for. I’ve never said a bad word about him, yet, here I am neatly tied up in a bow because of a Twitter ID intended to reflect my personal loyalty and investment in the University of Houston. By the way, I use another account for my business and personal affairs. @UHFan79!

To spend roughly 50% of an 8 things article on a Twitter user with 12 followers is really, really silly.

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He is obviously upset that he misses out on having hottest coach on his show every week. Associating with the type on 610 is likely to have him painted with the same brush and everything he says or writes about on this topic pushes him closer to Lopez vs taking him out of penalty box.

Sean has mostly his colleagues to blame for all this mess.

In the radio segment they did after Herman cancelled on them Ted Johnson was absolutely insulting and Rich Lord was right there with him. He continued in social media.

According to them they were “doing Tom a favor” and he’s no more popular in Houston than a “Texans 5th string running back”. Are you kidding me? Why on earth would Tom the ever, ever want to be on your show after that?

Nobody on the station has called them out for this or any of their other colleagues insulting pieces. Herman and UH fans are just supposed to shut up and take it.

They’re still pretending the Lopez beef is just a “he said, she said” issue (quote from Pendergast recently) and they still are mis-characterizing the “Herman Should Leave UH” article falsely spinning it was an “if Herman leaves” piece. The headline speaks for itself.

It’s too bad because there are more than a few guys at 610 that do give UH it’s due credit and don’t over embellish on UHs deficiencies. The guys on right after the game last Saturday were 100% behind UH arguing to anyone that would listen that Herman was staying and laid out a clear path on how this could be a long term run for him and UH. And Sean does a great job in covering and analyzing UH IMHO. He deserves access to Herman.

But that’s not going to happen until one side floats a peace offering. I don’t see Herman offering first and he shouldn’t until two things happen. First Lopez needs to admit he was wrong because he was factually incorrect. His stance and 610’s blind defense of him are a bigger issue than they seem capable of admitting.

Second they need to correct the headline of the recent “Should Leave” article and have the writer issue a public apology to Tom. Not only did this guy write this piece nobody will admit says what it says but he also tweeted it right at Tom Herman. That some bs right there. That’s not just crossing the line it’s crossing the line and slapping somebody. I can’t believe they are surprised Tom has an issue with them after that.

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If it didn’t affect them any more than the Texans’ 5th string running back would, they wouldn’t still be talking about it, writing articles about it, addressing Twitter accounts with 12 followers, etc.

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Ultimately, these guys want to be liked; successful guys in the business don’t tend to be jerks. Sean isn’t really a jerk, but his comments make it seem like the whole situation is unfair. In a way, it is unfair, but Sean is focusing his blame on the wrong person…instead, he should be focusing on his own station and the management there. There needs to be some give on their end and a willingness to apologize; which they haven’t as of yet for any of their transgressions. Just do that and everything blows over.

Won’t happen though; going by the comments from some of their producers and on-air talent, it’s a very sophomoric bunch over there. Hope Sean, Seth Payne, and a few other guys over there can get out from under that umbrella.

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This was literally taken at 1020 on the way into the stadium. There is not a single person at their stage. Just behind me is 70k plus walking in. Strange. Not really.

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Man, if that picture doesn’t send a message then someone’s in big time denial. Problem is 610 has cast themselves in the role of the Victim here and they’re digging in. Then they are wearing a cloak of righteous indignation. Their fragile egos won’t allow them to admit to a single wrong even though it’s all on the public record. My wife teaches 7th grade. She deals with this all the time. But those kids manage to grow up. The management of 610 is emotionally stuck in the 7th grade. “He started it!” All Herman did is walk away from a 4-year old who was sticking out his tongue at him.


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