Houston #4


What’s the purpose of this ranking?
Will it determine the placement of teams in the tournament? If not, it’s just another useless poll.

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NET was specifically designed by the NCAA to replace RPI. It will have a heavy influence on the committee going forward.


That’s the intent, but why do I get this feeling down deep inside that the committee will put heavier weight on other factors when they evaluate the Coogs? :worried:


Because you’re paranoid?


We Coogs never trust anyone who is supposed to be unbiased because the unbiased people true colors always shine through…I am with you, air am waiting to see this Net Ranking thing when selection Sunday comes…


Would that ranking make UH a #1 seed?!?


Yeah, not sure how this will be used come tournament time. Seems like it is heavily based on W-L record. We are good , but not top 4 good.
That being said, feels nice to be in a top 4!

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Glad to hear that but AP, Coaches seem to have no regard for it at all. Given the past, it may be an indication that we have a less biased and/or more precise measuring tool!



Paranoia is defined as an “unrealistic distrust of people or systems.” To me it’s not really unrealistic, we have been sandbagged (along with all non traditional powers) in all human ratings since we were left out of the Big 12. The fact that we are still #19 in the AP poll is laughable. We are now all of a sudden to trust the committee because they are supposed to put more weight on this metric? Not a chance, come tourney time there is absolutely no way we get put ahead of a traditional power even if they have quite a few more losses than us, our ceiling is MAYBE a 3 seed if we’re undefeated all the way, probably more like a 4 or 5 though

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Not all by itself. It will be one of the factors considered by the committee just like RPI was one factor. If the Coogs only lose 3-4 games in conference they shoul be set for a Top 4 seed in their region at the worst. That might get the first two games at a fairly close by site and help the potential for a home court advantage. A 0-2 loss conference slate would get UH a 1-2 seed in my estimation. The team has positioned itself to map a favorable path to the Sweet 16/Elite 8. After that it’s bracket luck and match ups.

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If we go 30-4 on the season and only get a #4 seed there is something seriously wrong. For context last year’s #1 seeds had records of 32-2, 30-4, 28-5, and 27-7. Cincy was 30-4 and were a #2 seed. The only precedence would be Gonzaga’s #4 seed at 30-4 but they were in an awful conference and had very few good wins. There were only 4 teams with 4 or less losses btw

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Note that I said that was the worst. The AAC is weaker this year than it has been recently. Limited opportunities for great wins. Very few one or two seeds in recent years will have a best win as weak as UH this year. Don’t discount that when it comes to seeding. It’s unfortunate that Oregon hasn’t lived up to expectations. Oregon, LSU, etc need to burn up their conferences if UH is going to earn a 2 seed without losing just 2-3 games.


This replaces RPI and use of RPI by the committee was always kind of weird. The committee didn’t seem to put much weight in the actual RPI of a particular team when evaluating that particular team. However, the committee put a ton of weight in that particular team’s performance against teams in certain RPI tiers.

That said, this is “supposed” to be better than RPI, so maybe a particular team’s ranking in NET will matter more than it did with RPI.

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Kenpom’s rating system has generally proven to be better than others when evaluating how teams are expected to perform against each other based on his model’s predicted results.

Right now we’re #33 in Kenpom. I don’t think our #19 ranking in the AP is particularly unfair. We have a solid number of respectable wins, but don’t have a single major statement win and we also have more trash wins than a lot of other ranked teams.

Go check out the schedules for TTU, OSU, VT, MSU, Auburn, FSU, UNC, and Nevada. Then get back with me

Here’s the Kenpom ranking for each opponent of Houston, Nevada and UNC. UNC’s 3 losses would all be better wins than our best win. UNC also has a few less bottom feeders and their best win is much, much better than our best win. We have a few more good-ish wins though. Our best wins are a bit better than Nevada’s. However, the bottom of our schedule is a lot worse.


3 - Win
@4 - Loss
13 - Loss
36 – Loss – Neutral Site
@64 – Win
80 – Win – Neutral Site
93 - Win
112 - Win
222 – Win – Neutral Site
235 - Win
@324 – Win
332 – Win


50 - Win - Neutral
71 - Win
86 – Win
@88 - Win
@91 - Win
109 - Win
124 – Win – Neutral Site
136 - Win - Neutral
@142 - Win
149 – Win – Neutral Site
162 – Win
198 - Win
228 – Win


39 – Win
40 - Win
49 - Win
82 - Win
@85 - Win
@86 - Win
172 - Win
247 - Win
258 - Win
309 - Win
346 - Win
348 – Win
349 - Win

I don’t care if their losses were to teams better than any of our wins, they are still losses


Our ranking right now only affects our minds. I hope coach has the kids immune to all of this.