HOUSTON 713 #TheTimeIsNow Season Ticket Campaign Underway

Through their own professional and personal networks, HOUSTON 713 committee members are securing support from local Houstonians, business owners and the corporate community by purchasing Houston Football season tickets and becoming supporters of Houston Athletics.

Football season-ticket sales play a critical role in the financial well-being of all NCAA Division I athletics departments. By purchasing season tickets, fans invest and provide necessary financial resources and support for more than 400 Houston Athletic student-athletes across 17 sport programs.

Greg Shoemaker serves as chairman of the Board of Visitors Athletics Task Force along with UH supporter, local business owner and co-chair Craig Jones for the HOUSTON 713 campaign. In their roles, Shoemaker and Jones work with several board chairs and campaign volunteers to help deliver the overall message of Houston Athletics to the greater Houston area while supporting department-wide initiatives throughout the year.


I would love to see our season ticket sales go through the roof — but to actual fans that would go to games. The prospect of say 5000 tickets sitting in some corporate drawers is not appealing.


I get what you’re saying, the visual isn’t good but the money is still paid. I wonder if it would be possible to do like airlines do or used to do and release unfilled seats to “stand-by” people at the last minute. Of course, we’d have to be really good to warrant a “stand-by” crowd of people hoping to get a ticket.

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Sounds like this campaign is more a person to person campaign.

The difference is that when the doors close on a plane the ticket holder can’t get on. But people arrive late to games all the time with some not making it until the half. They are still entitled to their seats. Besides, can you imagine trying to figure that out at kickoff. Not a workable solution.

Yeah, I know. The real solution is exciting, winning football, I guess. People/companies won’t let their money go to waste if the team is winning and exciting.

“This year, with the new ‘Houston 713’ ticket campaign, (it allows) us to reach out to our business associates and our social associates to try to enrich some support in the ticket campaign,” Jones said.

The campaign is offering season tickets to seven home games for only $100.