Houston 81 - Auburn 64

I don’t think I’d be good with giving up Sasser’s 22 points from tonight. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good point.
Without Sasser, the other team would have tried adjustments to our alternate lineup and we might have become a one trick pony.

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I do think the guys learned something valuable tonight in how that game was won.

We just went through a pretty intense leveling up lesson for the new guys, too.


agree. tramon just gave us a productive option when shead is hobbled or tired. that is his game. iso and driving. they just need to figure out how to give him space. pull jwan over and run walker to the corner?

I was surprised Auburn didn’t press when Shead and Sasser were out.


I was too. I think their inability to make baskets or free throws stopped them from setting it up

i thought they did press

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I was talking about this with those at my house watching. We were building a lead with both Sasser and Shead out. at first I just hoped we could builds it to ten points by the time they got back… but then we started to look dominant and I asked should we even put them back in? or wait until Auburn is finally able to neutralize the current lineup?
It was working so well I was definitely thinking along the lines of “if it ain’t broke, don’t’ fix it!”

They did, Mark just dribbled right passed it and the other poster is right all the misses made it hard for them to get it set up properly many times.

Auburn’s press looked terrible

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