Houston and the Big 12

We know this and they (Big 12) know this. That happens when your coach is hired away and you start from scratch. I think they know that the right coaching hire can bring that back just as easily with the better budget and recruiting grounds in UH’s own backyard. So, it’s on potential, yes. Our program isn’t where it was in 2015 but it can get back there.

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Have no idea.

These would-a, could-a, should-a posts a utterly stupid. Can’t you think of something better to do?

Ah I see. It’s the big 12s fault that the high we were in 2016 ended. Our season is not over. We are 3-1. I agree with you with the uncertainty of Dana. I expected that a p5 coach would come here and attract or bring in his qb recruit. A p5 type qb. Dana hasn’t delivered that yet. He’s stuck with tune. But we still aren’t Kansas bad.

You’re assuming that getting into the b12 is based on only football.

After 2016, UH became a R1 university. Also, Fertita Center was built and coogs have been dancing and making the final 4. There have been over 300m spent on facilities.

Part of getting into the b12 is the city of Houston and the media market ranked #8 base on Nielson.

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Can’t wait for our games here. SLC> Provo by a lot.