Houston Area CFB TV ratings through Week 6 2017

  • New additions are in red. Covers two weeks since David Barron didn’t release last week’s until this week

  • Temple-UH game on ESPNU did about the same that the Arizona-UH game did on ESPNU in Houston. Looks like we have a core of about 56K fans that will watch no matter what channel its on (doesn’t count streaming). Game also was the 3rd highest nationally rated FBS game in the 11 AM ESPNU spot; higher than a Northwestern-Duke game and a Kansas-Ohio game.

  • UH-SMU wasn’t rated due to being on the CBS Sports Network; network doesn’t participate in Nielsen Ratings.

  • The 2 UT games, including the Thursday night game against Iowa State, did pretty poorly. Hopefully, our game against Memphis next week does better than UT-Iowa State.

  • UH-Tulsa is on ESPNNews this week; network is also not rated by Nielsen

College Football ratings are down this year in Houston. Last year, there were 18 games by this point in the season that had rated a 3 or higher in Houston. This year, there are only 11 so far.

And then there was that little rain storm that we had…

That, and UH not being on the big channels. By this point, 4 UH games were among those 18 games that rated 3 or higher in Houston. This year, we’ve only had one game (Texas Tech) on a channel that would be able to get that high.

Otherwise, the match-ups this year outside of Houston haven’t exactly been must-watch TV.

How can we get 10,000 or so who don’t buy tickets to start coming to the stadium?

Marketing everywhere. Put us in the life of the average person since we are waiting on students to become alumni and make the games important. People want to feel like they are part of something special. Our average attendance is not bad at all. We’ve come a long way. Im optimistic for gradual improvement over the years.