Houston Astros 2023 Season on a daily roll

If they are trading Cease and Robert they are in a full rebuild. Doesn’t really make sense to trade for a player who will be getting exponentially more expensive thru arbitration over the next few seasons.

If they want to sign him, they can do so in a few years.

They could trade him at the deadline prospects.

I agree with Daniel. That’s just adding a step to the process when they could trade Cease and Roberts for prospects to begin with.

But you could get even more prospects by trading him as well. Or you could sign him long term at some point as part of your rebuild.

Three way trade.

Trade Tucker to NY or BoSox.
NY/Boston & Houston offers prospects/players to CWS
Hou gets Cease & Robert

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I could see that. Tucker is in his prime at 26 years old. I would hate to see him in pin stripes.

It might be a gift if he quits in October again.

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That was his first bad October, no? It happens.

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I agree it happens. Trade him and get value

He’s was pretty bad in 2022 as well, though I wouldn’t necessarily say he quit. Slumps happen and anyone can have a bad playoffs. This year however, his body language really did look like he didn’t want to be out there.

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How did he do during the season? Didn’t he almost have 30-30? How did he do during the 22 season? He’s 26, with tons of postseason experience, three WS appearances and a ring. He is regarded as one of the best young outfielders in the game. I can assure you, teams aren’t worried about a bad postseason.

For me it wasn’t the slump as much as it was the woe is me pouting attitude….he let it carry over to his defense….I’d rather get value then let him walk as a free agent.


Which is why I mentioned possibly including him in a trade with the Sox. But a couple were saying that they wouldn’t want him.


He was great through July. Numbers dipped in August. Dipped more in September. And then the bottom completely fell off in October. Again though the numbers can be excused. What can’t be excused is a lack of effort and hustle when the teams playing for a championship. I’m not saying he has to be traded but I think we’d be smart to at least look around and see what we could get for him.


The White Sox would take him in a heartbeat……and FWIW I think Robert Jr. Would thrive with the Astros….he is good friends with Yordan and he would fit right in to the Astros clubhouse environment.


Which was my point. Package him in a trade. He has tons of value.


By the way, he won a Silver Slugger award this season and a Gold Glove last season. Definitely has value.


I don’t dislike Tucker but sulking is a habit. It will rear its head again.


They’re not trading Tucker or Bregman just as they didn’t trade Springer or Correa.

This team is World Series contending team the next two years. Yes they have a few holes to address but they’re not going to trade away a key player(s) for prospects.

Remember, one of the main reasons Dana Brown got the gig in the first place is his ability to find good prospects through the draft. He had his first draft with the Astros back this summer so let’s see what he can do over next two years while they have Tucker, Framber, and Urquidy (and Bregman this yr). Would be very surprised if Altuve isn’t extended.

Altuve will be a lifelong Astro.

Bregman will be if he takes a discount.

you never know what kind of year the Astros will have this year or next….

If the team is not playing well at the break I could absolutely see Bregman being traded especially if they know he is asking for too much.

Now, odds of us not being good at the break are slim but possible.

Tucker is a different deal….they know they are not giving him anywhere near 10 years 300M….nor should they……the clubs handing those out are ridiculous……Rangers will be in rough shape in the near future.
Maybe they don’t trade Tucker for prospects but they could very well trade him as the centerpiece of a big trade……Cease and Robert Jr. For Tucker, Brown and a couple of middling prospects is completely fair.

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