Houston at Wichita State - Game 3 - noon (W 7-4)

G3: Live Stats | Live Stream | Live Audio

Both sides are TBA on pitchers today.

Coogs up to 43 in RPI after last night’s action. Chance to move into the 30s today with a win.

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Really hoping for the sweep. Go Coogs!

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A sweep here would be SOOOOO helpful. The season has been a bit rocky thus far. Hopefully we can turn it around!

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One thing this team does really well is throw runners out on the base paths. Just gunned down a runner at home to end the 1st inning.

T2…Tied 0-0

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Video doesn’t show the play at the plate, but I don’t understand why teams continue to test Bielo.


Lovelace is an outstanding defensive catcher

Bielo ranks with Eric Lee and Kyle Survance as the top arms in RF in the last 20 years or so


Top 3rd

3 straight 1 out singles by Triolo, Padgett and Davis bring home Triolo…Coogs lead 1-0

M3…UH leads 1-0

Top 4th

Hyland reaches 1st with one out via error, steals 2nd, comes home on a 2out double by Lovelace…Coogs lead 2-0

Triolo walks. Padgett lines out to right.

M4…UH leads 2-0



Lovelace is a lot like Brad Ausmus was. His defense is so good that his offense is just a plus. Saves so many runs.

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Top 5th

1 out single by Fuentes. Bielo follows with a HBP and the Shockers go to the pen.

Lockhart single scores Fuentes, Bielo to 3rd…Coogs lead 3-0

2out walk for Burckel loads the bases. Lovelace grounds out to short to end the inning.

M5…UH leads 3-0


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Crap i turn on the game and immediately the shockers score. Guess i gotta turn it off so we can win.

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Bottom 5th

1 out walk, single and a 2 out double get the Shockers on the board. Coogs lead 3-1

Bretz comes on for Hurdsman and gets a flyout to end the inning

T6…UH leads 3-1

Top 6th

Triolo reaches on an error, Padgett tries to sacrifice him over, but Triolo is forced at 2nd, Davis singles Padgett to 3rd, Fuentes squeezes him home and reaches 1st, Davis to 2nd…Coogs lead 4-1

M6…UH leads 4-1

Top 7th

Coogs load the bases with 1 out after singles by Hyland, Burckel, and Lovelace, but can’t get any runs out of it.

M7…UH leads 4-1

Coogs have left 13 runners on base today


Bottom 7th

Villarreal on to pitch

Walk followed by a HBP. K. Walk loads the bases with one out. K for the 2nd out. Liner to right, Bielo tries to make a diving catch, but misses and ball goes to wall. Triple scores 3…Tied 4-4

Flyout ends it

T8…Tied 4-4