Houston College Football National Championship

My beloved Houston Cougars football almost played for a National Championship twice College football history. In 1990 Houston was #3 in week 10 before losing in Austin to #14 ranked Texas and in 1979 Houston was ranked #4 in week 8 before losing to UT-Austin in the Astrodome. Both games played before record crows as 1990 game of 84k surpassed UT vs A&M that year and 1979 was largest crowd in UH Astrodome history. UT Austin fans stormed the field at Texas Memorial Stadium in 1990 which was the last time they have done so.

The 1990 game featured some horrible officiating with UH TD catches by Manny Hazard ruled non-touchdowns by zebra’s.

I really hate UT but I live in Austin with my lovely wife who is a Longhorn.

Looking forward to good season this year!


I live in Georgetown and love to wear my Coog SWAG!! I get some looks!


I was heartbroken after the loss in the dome to the horns. We just couldn’t move the ball on them that year.

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You know my story. Stayed in Jarrel for 4 years, Back in Houston now. Wife and I would get a bunch of that. I would fly up and down I-35 from Barrel to South Austin where I worked at the time at an Architect Firm, with my huge UH magnets on my red Mustang just so they would know “Coogs are here in Town”!

The Hazard TD catch in the end zone was right in front of the UH visitors section. It was like so obvious a TD catch and blown call that you even like had to question your own sanity …“I saw that, right?” Replay would have overruled that in a heartbeat.

UT used to get away with **** like that at their place when no one was looking. A game against N Tex in the late eighties was about the biggest most obvious ripoff in college football history.

And then there was our visit to UT when Jimmy Klinger was QB. UT receivers run out of bounds and then back in bounds (right in front of the ref) for long completions.


I wouldn’t say the officiating in that game was horrible… it was just on par for games IN AUSTIN.

I’m sure it holds true today.


I remember a “National Championship” game between TU and Arky. One play stands out. An Arky running back ran around left end and was on his way to a TD. A TU db was run over, and during that incident, he reached up and grabbed the rb’s face mask and pulled him down on his face. The picture was right in the face of the rb, and there was NO CALL at all. UT won the game, as usual . . . . .

You all forgot one major factor.
We were on probation. Can you imagine if it had not been the case?
I have no doubt we would have won the National Championship.
That is how dominating that we can be. That is why uta, atm and ou are scared beyond belief that we get into a P5. Who do you think is putting pressure for our non P5 inclusion?
It is more than obvious.
Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

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