Houston Cougars Preview 2022

Houston Cougars Preview 2022: Season Prediction, Team Breakdown (collegefootballnews.com)

"Houston, if it’s time to think big-time the year before going to the Big 12, beat Texas Tech, beat Kansas, and roll through a slate without Cincinnati or UCF.

"With this team and this slate, another double-digit win regular season is a must. And with this team and this slate, yeah, go ahead and say it …

“Dream of 13-0 and put the heat on the College Football Playoff committee.”


13-0. I like the sound of that….There is definitely a chance but we need to get out of the starting gate this year


You never know!

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I am saying 15-0

Put that shite on paper.


UTSA is 12th in returning offense, but 69th in returning defense. Dell and Tune are going off week 1

Watching some UTSA games, make Harris throw deep, he DOES NOT want to. Keep him in the pocket, we slow down the fun and limit penalties with their defense we should win by double digits.