Houston Cougars will open up playbook to accommodate Kyle Allen's arm


A year ago, the Cougars ran 561 times against 523 passes. That a near 50-50 split. In today’s pass-happy age, it’s also a bit of a rarity.

Allen, who spent the 2016 season serving as Houston’s scout team quarterback due to NCAA transfer rules, threw for 3,532 yards, 33 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in his two-year Aggie career.

He’s not immobile, but the Arizona native is built to sling it.

“He’s talented,” Houston first-year offensive coordinator Brian Johnson told 247Sports. “He’s really, really talented.”

Thank you to Patrick for posting this article about Kyle Allen in 2017.
This should lay to rest any feeling, beliefs that applesauce is a QB whisperer.