Houston defensive lineman Ed Oliver takes unconventional path to success


Blum said it was Oliver’s desire to be the best that stuck with him.

“I had a really rich pedigree of defensive linemen, guys that went on to play Division I football, and everyone that had come in always wanted to be the next guy. They wanted to be the guy that was the next D-I star,” Blum said. “Ed told me as a freshman that he didn’t want to be the next one — he wanted to be the one that everyone remembered. The one that was better than all of them.

“That gave me an idea of what he was wanting as a goal.”

I’m impressed that the Orlando Sentinel did a feature on him. I know UCF is there but still. If the NY or LA Times or Washington Post starting writing about him, it could boost his Heisman chances from “No Way” to “Long Shot”.

And who knows, with an improved D-line Ed should get more chances to make plays. If he can scoop a fumble or get a pick and score even once or twice, he odds should go way up.

We always hear about QBs who can make a play exactly when it’s needed but what about the DT who gets that TFL exactly when it’s needed? Just as big IMO.

The Orlando Sentinel does a pretty good job covering the AAC as a whole and usually covers college football pretty well.

If the rumored conference HQ move to Dallas takes place, hopefully the Dallas Morning News starts to provide more coverage.