Houston Football a Jordan brand?

Does anyone know what the likelihood of Houston Football becoming a Jordan brand is? Mens and Womens basketball are already Jordan. I wonder what it would take for Football to get it especially since there will be no Jordan FB schools in the new Big 12.

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We will find out in a week from Saturday vs. UTSA

If there isn’t a Jumpman logo on our jerseys then we can try again next year.

CDH has mentioned multiple times he is working on securing Jumpman for the football program and has even hinted he is very close.


Really? Holgo has hinted that he’s working on this? Where? Is there a story, interview or video about him talking about this?

he’s posted number of videos hinting that he is working on it but it has been a while so most likely, it won’t happen before this season.

Hopefully, once Oklahoma vacates the Big 12, we can be the full Jumpman representative (BB + FB) in the Big 12




Would’ve already been announced if it’s for this year. Won’t happen until OU leaves


Yeah we’re not announcing a new marquee apparel sponsor by just walking out of the tunnel onto the field for warmups lol


CDH also said we are due for new uniforms and need it. I think we see it next year as we enter big12. If not Jordan brand it’ll definitely be new Nike uniforms.
Joseph Duarte also wrote an article on rebranding and how athletic department is working on a more uniform ‘UH’ logo. Marketing dept will be busy for next year.