Houston Football: Coach Applewhite Postgame

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Can they put a mic on the camera?


Audio was so bad I quit listening. Anyone have a transcript?

Yes terrible audio, but from what I could hear, compliments to Coach Applewhite! I have been critical in the past, but he seems to be maturing as a serious, steady, and thoughtful leader.


After thinking about it, the ending of the game was embarrassing.

Why? Be cause of Ken Niutamlolololo’s anger at a non-no-call? Or because our 2s were getting burt against Navy’s 1s?

I don’t blame CMA for taking out the 1s. It wasn’t like he was headed to the locker room. One shot showed him pumping up the 2s, cheering them on to continue the 2nd half shut-out.

The pass call for Bryson was the biggest mistake they made in the 4th quarter.

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Can CMA speak up? CMA is soft spoken.

Not sure who all was on the field for Navy’s last two scores but the highlight of their last TD shows Watkins got burned on the long ball and both he and Anderson couldn’t cover the kid who caught the TD. Probably they didn’t want to risk anything on a game that was already in the books by then.

basically CMA gave credit to the kids for improving and playing hard week in and week out. Kids first, coaches second. Proud of the kids for not giving up.

I will take my school over alabama any day during the week and twice on saturday.

who has alabama played, their opponents at a combined 1 under .500. you go and watch them warm up the first half and then go some place to watch paint dry.

UH makes it fun and exciting, stay the whole the game!