Houston Football: Dana Holgorsen Weekly Press Conference (8.26.19)


Finally they got the sound fixed. Only took 5 seasons


On the dangers and benefits of playing a high-profile game so early in the year
“I love having these games early in the year, because it gives you an idea of where you’re at. You know you’re going to get really motivated throughout the course of the whole year leading up to this game, and we’ve played a lot of these games in the past. It gives everybody a little extra motivation. It’s just one game and it’s the first game.”

On the progression of the team’s health
“I’ve been really happy with the state of the team’s health. We had 105 healthy bodies last night when we went through our mock game, and we’re going to travel about 70 of those guys. I’ve been very happy with our scout team and the way those guys have been getting coached up. Right now, there’s only a couple of players out long-term. We’re probably healthier right now than we have been since I’ve been here.”

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There is often a chess match that occurs between schools when it comes to the release of information on game week. Oklahoma wasted no time in Week 1, putting a pair of giant emoji eyes with the words “Coming Soon” in place of where the depth chart would normally be listed.

UH did not release a depth chart either Monday, a break from the past when it has been available.

“I’ve always released a depth chart,” Holgorsen said. “I’ll release a depth chart. Why (OU) doesn’t put one out is kind of silly to me. If they aren’t putting one out, I ain’t putting one out. Guess I’ll put one out with those little funny eyes. I can kind of figure out who they’re gonna play with and they can kind of figure out who we’re going to play with.”