Houston Football Media Day: Tom Herman

Houston Football Media Day: Tom Herman

video press conference


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Herman mentions Josh Jones (OT) that showed up on campus last year weighing 238. He now weighs 292, and has added 200 lbs to his squat and 100 lbs to his bench.

Wow. We’re lucky to have McKnight.


Herman says everyone wants to talk about Ed, but last time he checked Ed has 4 NFL D-Linemen ahead of him on the depth chart. He said there is no doubt in his mind (whether they are drafted or otherwise) that Thurman, Malveaux, Singleton, and Carter will play in the NFL.


I can see that. All 4 of those guys are solid.

Plus, he’s trying to motivate Big Ed to not be complacent or expect anything; to go out and earn that spot. No promises on this team.


Not shocking, but important none-the-less

CTH stated that the team would practice early in the mornings to beat the heat as they had to practice on the artificial
turf practice fields as the natural grass fields were in poor shape.

What the hell is that all about ??

Do we not have a working sprinkler system on the natural grass field ??

Sounds like CTH should have someones butt !!

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