Houston Football: Preseason game-by-game predictions for 2017 season

10-2 and a Liberty Bowl appearance against Texas. I’d take that.

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No way Herman would allow that matchup. I can just see him on TV now saying how much he would have liked the matchup against UH (eye twitch) but unfortunately they are committed to another bowl (eye twitch).

:joy: You’re right. I don’t think we’ll play the school from Austin unless its in a NY6 bowl or a playoff matchup.

This writer is seriously high on our offense. While I don’t see much, if any, drop off from last year, I’m also not sure I see us scoring 40-50 most weeks either. The only outcome I really disagree with is the USF game. They may beat us, but it won’t be by 17 and that defense won’t hold us to under 30 either.