Houston hosts #11 ECU in doubleheader on Saturday - 1pm (G1: L 15-3) (G2: L 3-1)

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Due to expected inclement weather on Sunday, the last two games of the University of Houston Baseball team’s series against ECU have been adjusted.

Following Friday night’s series opener, the two teams will conclude their matchup in a doubleheader starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday at Don Sanders Field at Darryl & Lori Schroeder Park. The second game of the doubleheader will start approximately 45 minutes after the end of the first.

Fans who have purchased tickets to the initially scheduled Saturday and Sunday contests can use their tickets towards the doubleheader. Those who purchased tickets to either game and are unable to make the doubleheader can call the University of Houston Athletics Ticket Office at 713-GO-COOGS (462-6647) to exchange their tickets for a later home game.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens today considering that it’s already raining in the area. Lot of rain expected for around 1 pm, but it’s currently projected to be north and west of downtown. UH may stay dry, but we’ll see.


Top 1st

Walk, Fielder’s Choice forces the runner at 2nd, Homerun…ECU leads 2-0

Double and infield single follow to put runners on the corners with 1 out. Error on Triolo brings home another…ECU leads 3-0

Double play ends the bleeding

M1…ECU leads 3-0

Top 2nd

Leadoff double, pickoff goes into center to move him to 3rd. Walk puts runners on the corners.

That’s it for Randel (2nd straight short outing). Bretz on to pitch.

Double play, but the run scores…ECU leads 4-0

Single followed by another single. Fielder’s choice ends the inning

M2…ECU leads 4-0

Top 4th

K, walk, steal, K and that’s it for Bretz. Hynes on to pitch.

K swinging ends the inning

M4…ECU leads 4-0

Bottom 4th

2 out solo homer for Lockhart…ECU leads 4-1

Esau single follows but Hyland Ks to end the inning

T5…ECU leads 4-1

Bottom 5th

Leadoff single by Thomas, Moves to 2nd on a sac bunt by Way, moves to 3rd on an error on a pickoff. Triolo K’s looking. Bielo doubles which scores Thomas…ECU leads 4-2

Intentional walk to Davis. Fuentes flies out to right to end the inning.

T6…ECU leads 4-2

Top 6th

Ground out, walk, walk and that’ll be it for Hynes (Sounds like he got squeezed a bit). Bayless on to pitch.

Another walk loads the bases. Grand slam…ECU leads 8-2

Flyout and popout ends the inning

M6…ECU leads 8-2

Bottom 6th

New pitcher for ECU

Coogs down in order

T7…ECU leads 8-2

Top 7th

HBP, groundout, homerun…ECU leads 10-2

Another walk and Rooney brings in Carter Henry

K and a fielder’s choice get the Coogs out of the inning. (Henry continues to look good lately).

M7…ECU leads 10-2

Thinking this party is over…but it was a nice one game win over the Pirates…


Time for Whitting to hire some new quality assistants. What we have going on now isn’t cutting it. Q

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Wish we could go ahead and end this one and start getting ready for the 2nd game of the doubleheader. Save some of the pitchers.

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Bottom 7th

With One out, the pitcher drops the ball allowing Way to get to 2nd. Goes to 3rd on a wild pitch and comes home on a Triolo Sac Fly…ECU leads 10-3

Bielo flies out to end the inning.

T8…ECU leads 10-3

We have been spoiled the past few years with pretty good teams…this remains a rebuilding year. I thought when Graham retired at Rice we would dominate recruiting in the local area. Hasn’t happened yet. Rice is still recruiting well while Texas, Tech, TCU and Agy continue to take their pick…
Come on Coogs, we can turn this thing around in the near future…


Top 8th

Leadoff double, single off Henry’s glove, and then a single up the middle scores a run…ECU leads 11-3

Another single scores another run…ECU leads 12-3

K, wild pitch, sac fly…ECU leads 13-3

Single scores another…ECU leads 14-3

Grounder into a fielder’s Choice finally ends the inning

M8…ECU leads 14-3

Top 9th

Bielo on to pitch

2 out HBP, single, and 2 walks bring in a run…ECU leads 15-3

groundout ends it

M9…ECU leads 15-3

Bottom 9th

New pitcher for ECU

Coogs down in order. Lose 15-3

That was a butt-whooping.

Next game in about 45 minutes.