Houston is a college town?

According to marketwatch.com it is!

Houston is many things but a college town we ain’t. I don’t think of Savanah as a college town either. But if I were to want to write a novel, Savanah is where I would go to do it.

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Allentown? I wouldn’t live there on a bet

I think the writer got this assignment and had to bend the criteria of what is a college town, since there is finite proof of home values.
There are technicallly single family homes near UH for under $250k, but maybe not the ones you want.

Maybe it’s been fixed. In the late 70’s and 80’s it was a picture of urban blight.

Houston is a college town like Brownsville is a resort town.

I think Houston is a college town in the sense that when you step on campus it feels like it’s own city/town. It feels like you’re in another place when you’re taking classes there. Personal experience from staying there a couple of times going to parties there and studying there.

Agree on the campus part, I was there during my tenure at UH. And living on campus then leaving to experiment the actual city was very cool, Houston was a much grittier city back then and I liked it. (pre Starbucks, corner cafes, brewpubs, city center living, midtown, rice military, Heights revival, East downtown, etc).

But the article is about the city of Houston being a large metropolitan college town (city). I don’t see it at all. Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Miami, other large cities with colleges are not very college-like at all from my experience. The big metros are more exciting in many ways, but not like living in a college town where the whole area or region revolves around the school.

But hey, I guess since it’s not my article, here’s the Houston, TX … college town USA!

I heard they’re shutting all the factories down and it’s getting very hard to stay, but that intel could be a little old.

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