Houston LB Jordan Moore enters the transfer portal



This is totally not concerning at all. (Sarcasm)

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His 4 Star career is over.

When you cannot dominate on a 3-5 AAC team your rating just did not play out.


How will we replace those 0.5 tackles a game he put up this year???


Majority of transfers are players that did not play. He left TAMU for the same reason, he only played special teams in 4 starts. Players want to be on the field, not watch from the sidelines.


Let’s go win some games!


When we got the senior grad transfer kid in from West Virginia (Katy) last year (JoVanni Stewart) who got most of the playing time at his position, I was concerned that this might happen. It’s sad to see a senior transfer run off a promising younger sophomore talent. Not a good look for our future.

Our LB talent is improving.

We might see more transfers.

Everyone wants to play. Of course they do.

I actually see this as promising. Better talent has come to our campus.


Looking for the silver lining, eh? I don’t see this is a good thing.

I haven’t done my research. Who are the linebackers that will shine and that we should look out for?

Every season is a fight for position on the depth chart. Every week is a fight for a starting position. No spot is guaranteed, it’s day to day. You want to play, take that player’s spot and make it yours. You see many sophomores beat our juniors and seniors for starting positions. I can tell you Derek is not the only one who will knock someone out of first string. Some players will do whatever it takes.


Mutin, Nunnery, Gooden, Robinson, and Carmouche. Looks to be a good LB group to start with and add to.


The guy left aTm and came here because, despite his 4* rating, he couldn’t get on the field. He didn’t nail down a spot here so he bailed again. Maybe, just maybe, he was overated in HS or peaked as a senior in HS and was flatlined on his trajectory as a college player. He may have to drop down a level or two to break into the starting lineup somewhere; or just go somewhere desparate for any players.


Twin mom posted our LB group. Thanks!

Jordan wasn’t going to crack that group is why he transfers. Logical guess.


This group is good. Robinson didn’t play much until late and in the bowl game. I liked what I saw.


Anderson is coming back and could okay the SAM, he ha bulked up & looked good playing lb late in the season . I don’t know the circumstances or Moore’s thinking but he most likely thinks he deserves more playing time & the coaches don’t think so … so he chooses to leave . I was watching the Alamo bowl and his brother really showed our for UT, Maybe he was thinking he should be doing the same

Addition by subtraction

Most of these guys likely got finished with their post season evaluations and weren’t satisfied with what they heard. The coaches sit down with the players and recap the season talk about where they project them next season, what they do well, what they need to work on etc.

Its likely the case that most of our guys transferring were told they don’t project to be starters next year, or in the case of the returning covid seniors that their scholarship won’t be there. Guys like moore, samuel, and edgeston showed a lot of potential, but are getting lapped by others at their position or even just can’t stay healthy (which I believe to have been part of the issue with Samuel). Sucky situation but wish them all the best