Houston Makes the "Super 11"



Here is a good read for y’all. Most underrated CFB teams by year EVER! As you might have expected our Coogs made the list 3x! :joy:


"Final count: which team has been the preseason AP Poll’s most underrated team most frequently?

Auburn: 7 times

Arkansas, Houston, Iowa, Michigan State, Washington State: 3 times

Arizona State, BYU, Georgia Tech, Illinois, LSU, Missouri, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Syracuse Utah, Wyoming: 2 times

Kansas, Missouri: 1.5 times

Various: 1 time each"

Houston only “non-P5” Team. Pardon my french. :smirk:

Wyoming & BYU are P5?

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To assist marsaave, I’m sure he meant teams with 3 or more occurrence. Just kidding of course?

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We really do have s great communications team at UH.

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Is there the opposite list? How many times is Texas on it?