Houston Men's Basketball: Coach Sampson Press Conference 12.19.19

Ugh, 62% from the charity stripe

Good game though

It was a game until their guy made an idiotic technical. If ever there was an example of how stupidity kills momentum that was it.

Good teams use that to make you pay.

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Definitely killed UTEP’s Mo. But UH just didn’t have any quit in them. I’m confident they would have withstood UTEP’s challenge although the final score would have been much closer than 20 points. My opinion of course.


Deeky’s shirt. :laughing:

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It was a good time to teach my young son why you don’t act like that in sports. You make the basket and you get back on defense. You can celebrate with your team but #0 acted selfishly and cost his team with a 5-pt possession for the Coogs that doubled the lead and sucked the life out of a team playing their 3rd game in 4 days (or something like that). What really impressed me is that Jarreau did not react to the taunt – he seems to like to “chat” with the opponent from time to time so good to see him stay in control.


I like what CKS said about Deeky’s great attitude coming off the bench. I and a lot of us have been critical of his play but he’s a good Coog we will get it figured out it’s easier with good guys like these.


Deeky just looked at him like, “WTF?!?!”

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INteraction and pressure CKS applied was funny at the end. Coach uses every chance.