Houston-Morgan State game thread

Season finally here.


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Interesting, Van Beck is the first off the bench.

8-0 Coogs with 16:47 left.

10-0 with 15:39 to go.

Meyer 2nd off bench

Davis looks real good so far

Robinson picked up 2 fouls early which is why Van Beck came in.

Chicken back in for Davis who had 4 pts and 5 boards in 5 minutes.

16-4 with 13:45 left.

18-5 now, Chicken with 8.

Galen in for Gray

23-5, Coogs with 11:25 left in the half.

Coogs dominating.

Dunnigan in for Dotson.

Gray back in for Van Beck.

Flagrant on Morgan State. Gray wasn’t happy as the guy held his foot.

25-5 Coogs after the free throws.

Davis back in for Meyer so it looks like an 8 man rotation.

Starters: Robinson, Gray, Dotson, Davis, Knowles
Bench: Van Beck, Dunnigan, Meyer

Now Dupree in for Chicken so nvm.

30-9, Coogs - 7:18 left

Could be even worse, but Coogs missing some open shots.

Coogs missing free throws, 3-8 so far including 2 misses on front ends of 1-1s.

Van Beck and Chicken back in for Dupree and Gray.

Davis just picked up his 3rd foul with 4:27 left. Too bad…he’s been a beast.

Meyer in.

36-15, Coogs with 3:43 left.

Chicken looks great, making free throws, being aggressive. Good sign.

Armani Brooks in for Galen at the end of the half.

How does crowd look? SMU and UNT have small leads late in first half vs cupcakes. We’re rolling. UT cruising as well.

Davis only has 2 fouls, foul was on Dotson who also has 2. Galen and Van Beck also have 2.

Not many there.