Houston native Zach Brown motivated vs. former favorite team

James Dickey for you, ladies and gents. Didn’t even offer this 3* legacy kid from the city of Houston that wanted to come to UH.

Zach Brown’s recruiting story is a familiar one to many athletes growing up in heavily-populated cities in Texas: his hometown team didn’t make him a recruiting priority, so he went elsewhere to make his name.

But Houston overlooking Brown for its 2014 recruiting class had its own twist: Brown’s mother, Latisha, was one of the most successful volleyball players in Houston history. The family grew up around the Cougars, attended games, and Zach was a fan all the way through high school, where he played at Klein Collins in Spring Texas, a Houston suburb, his first three years.

“I actually really wanted to go to U of H,” Brown said. “But when I was trying to get recruited by U of H, they said I wasn’t skilled enough, I couldn’t shoot the ball. They were just looking for somebody else, so I just made my way.”


Dickey was too busy recruiting 5 star kids who weren’t as “all in” as we were first led to believe about wanting to play for us. When he was fired they all transferred. Smh

Geez. Reminds me of all the Yates kids we never even looked at through the Penders and Dickey eras. Penders was the worst as it seemed like he only wanted to recruit the northeast. So much talent within a few miles of our campus and they never even got a sniff.

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Penders openly contended he did not want to bother with the crooked AAU local scene so he went the JC route…at least he was honest about it…Dickey went that route and look where that got us…

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Chicken Knowles didn’t transfer, but considering the hype around him, I’d say he was a bust.

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