Houston Preeminence goes live today/pay wall delayed

Good Morning everyone. The site hptx.us goes live at 11 today. The paywall will not be added for about 2 weeks from what I remember. So please take advantage, and if you enjoy please join. My first article is a column on Dr. Khator, and her being the backbone of the success of the last decade. I am planning my next article to be about the laziness that is national media comping D’eriq King as a clone of Greg Ward. We all know on here they are two very different players. Would love to hear ideas or suggestions for what you would like to see. Thanks.


Good luck, Kyle. Hoping for a Houston-centric site like this to succeed. Will be following and reading.

Make sure you post to r/houston. Fairly active sub.



First piece. It isn’t a Pulitzer winner, but I am proud of it.


Predictions for the rest of the season…spoiler, they have us going undefeated the rest of the way.