Houston Press article mentions UH

UH will end up with no Top 25 votes

610 has never liked us, this is hardly new.

What I’ve seen so far in preseason predictions is that lazy reporting looks back at the '17 season and says ‘Herman left, UH down’. Better reporting takes in all the context and comes to a much more realistic (over 8 wins min. barring injuries) conclusion.

They’re sleeping on us and I’m ok with that


You would think we’d get alot more love from our own city press. smdh


I wonder if this Pendergast person would like to bet his job on these results.

You’ve got to earn it … win consistently and you’ll get the love.


What has UT done in the last 10 years to “earn it” from the Houston media?



Here’s an example swinging the other way. A couple of reporters have us in NY6 bowls…one has us in the Fiesta

SI is all over us

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Yes. Those SI guys usually do some research.

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Like shouldn’t have anything to do with it. He’s supposed to be a professional sports journalist, right? Or maybe he just reads the copy some gaggie-whorn gives him?

When Aggie and Horn are average and we’ve got an average (7-5) record … they get the love. We have a 2015 year and we get the love. Unfortunately we have to outperform them to get the same love. winning consistently will change that

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I’m wondering on what basis he thinks UT is going to finish above 23. They shouldn’t be anywhere near that high now. What makes him think they’ll be even better than that this year?

Pendergast was one of the most vocal fools saying Case Keenum would never be an NFL quarterback. As far as I can tell, his entire sports credentials involve winning Jim Rome’s smackoff, back when that meant something. He’s more of a comedian that “does” sports than someone you put actual weight on their opinion.

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This thread gave me a good chuckle. Pendergast is a good dude. Not anti-UH at all. He’s just giving his honest opinion.

And they were all saying Case wasn’t an NFL QB. Even UH proud Matt Thomas.

You think Sean the Cablinasian is a professional sports journalist?

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I didn’t read it once I saw that Pendergast was the author in the comments in the thread. 610 Hack…

Not in Houston, we won’t! The presstitutes in this town are all in for the pros, uta and atm; but I repeat myself.


Never heard of him before now. I assumed so since he was on a sports radio station. Maybe I’ll listen to him to see how bad it is.

I think their paycheck,/,opinion revolves around telling the Aggies and Longhorns what they love to hear.


Pendergast knows the NFL…he’s not a college football dude at all.