"Houston Probably Won't Lose"?


No one. UH is head and shoulders better & more talented than anyone on AAC. Just take it one game at a time.

I wish we were invincible. Truth is we had a few close games, some at home. We have Cinci and Memphis on the road this year. If we don’t go undefeated this season, it should be one of these we lose.


We needed 2 turnovers and an incredible performance from our backup in the 4th quarter to erase a 20 point deficit against Memphis

Cincinnati was close down to the wire and the game was in Houston.

AAC will not be a breeze by any stretch. Week 3 on Thursday night in Cincinnati is a huge challenge.

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That’s what I have been saying. Would I like UH going undefeated, of course. Last year was not a walk in the park. This year there will be a target on the team’s back.

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Also, stuff happens. We could beat OU, Louisville, and Cincy and then wind up losing to SMU. I know I definitely didn’t predict that our one loss last year would be to UConn.

As long as Lil Bit remains vertical and mobile we have as good a chance as anyone. If he goes down…

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